Six Pack Probiotics Drinks

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¡Enjoy and share trillions of probiotics with your friends and family in a variety of flavors!


All of our PRANAMA drinks are full of probiotics and are made with plant-based, non-dairy, and ethically sourced ingredients. Probiotics, or live good bacteria, keep our gut healthy and help to improve the performance of our digestive system.


  • Choose between Probiotic Iced Tea (Kombucha) and Probiotic Artisanal Soda (Water-Kefir).
  • Choose between home delivery or pick up for higher comfort.
  • Carefully hand-picked ingredients for more health benefits.


Choose a six pack with the drinks of your preference.


Kombucha Beet

Kombucha Jazmine

Kombucha Turmeric

Kombucha Ginger

Kefir Ginger

Kefir Saril


Keep cool


Sound infused


No Gluten



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1 review for Six Pack Probiotics Drinks

  1. Raul Arenas

    Excellent Product. 100% recommend

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