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Probiotics Drinks

The world is full of probiotic foods and drinks that come in many different presentations. Here we’ll talk about our specialty probiotic drinks: iced infusions, iced tea (Kombucha) and artisanal soda (Water-Kefir). But what are probiotics? Probiotics are live good bacteria that keep our gut healthy and help to improve the performance of our digestive system. This, in turn, has a whole set of benefits in our body, mind and spirit, and may even prevent or aid with some diseases.

We make three lines of drinks that besides being packed with different strains of good bacteria, are also full of the additional benefits that come from the different ingredients we use.

Pranama Probiotic Drinks


Also known as “Tibicos”, water-kefir is a probiotic craft soda with a refreshing mellow flavor. Naturally carbonated during the fermentation process, it’s made of fermented water and natural juices that fill it with healthy bacteria combined with the vitamins and minerals of its other ingredients. It has different strains of bacteria than Probiotic Iced Tea (kombucha) or Probiotic Iced Infusions, so it’s a great complement to them and is also a tasty substitute for conventional sodas.


A powerful, lightly effervescent probiotic drink made of fermented black and/or green tea. Kombucha is a healthy and tasty substitute to the mainstream iced teas. Drinking Kombucha in the mornings helps to wake and boost up your digestive system, also drink it any time you need a bit of an energy impulse.

Ingredients of Pranama probiotic drinks

All of our Pranama drinks are full of probiotics and are made with plant-based, non-dairy, and ethically sourced ingredients, many of which come from our permaculture farm. We create with love and mindfulness, infusing each batch with the sound energy of Tibetan bowls and positive affirmations.

Our ingredients include roots, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and even flowers! We have created tasty and healthy combinations that for sure will be a nurturing and beneficial addition to your everyday diet, plus their probiotics that will help to improve your digestion. But in addition to all that goodness, some of our probiotic drinks may help you with a variety of specific wellbeing situations, ranging from bowel movements to emotional imbalances.

You can find all our products in the Store section of our website and see how you can order your probiotic goodness.

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