¿You take care of your digestive system in exercise?


The properties of exercise for the body care are immense. From helping to release stress and helping us maintain physical and mental well-being. Exercise is fundamental for our subsistence as a species and an activity that should be constant for us. Now, there is a negative aspect of the extensive exercise routines ignore by the people.

In recent studies it was discover that in strong routines of exercise the body tends to slow down the gastrointestinal functions, which can retain intestinal waste  causing harmful effects to the digestive system.  In many cases, effects of “Colitis” have been seen in high-impact runners. One aspect that has an effect is that the exercise routines tend to dehydrate the body, which has a direct effect on the composition of our intestinal flora, generating possible intestinal weakness.In an investigation of the University of Illinois it has been discovered that the development of exercise could change the composition of our intestinal flora.


  ¿How to take care of me? To take care it is essential to have a good hydration and avoid eating at specific times, specifically before or after exercising hard routines. This will avoid keeping waste in our system and being able to maintain a flow of our food. In the matter of hydration, it is essential to maintain the capacity of our intestinal flora to absorb nutrients. In this aspect it is recommended to take advantage of the properties of Kefir of Water, this drink is composed of microorganisms that can protect our digestive system.