¿How i can keep my motivation?


Do you ever  heard the story of the successful man, who gets up happy on a Monday with the energy to go out and make exercise, face the challenges of the day and enjoy a time of personal recreation ¿is like a dream?.  Regularly, for us , it is possible that some of our days we find it difficult to get out of bed, keep a day of work without heaviness in the body, tired eyes and a lack of constant energy. Every day can´t be perfect, but ¿how to do so that most are?.

Motivation is the internal force that drives us to perform an action and has the ability to handle our emotions according to our needs. Regularly, our intrinsic motivation has always been attributed to our ability to have a positive mentality, but  ¿does it really depend solely on our thoughts and ideas?

The mind is the abstract part of the brain, which gets the necessary nutrients from our diet to keep us alive and in action. In other words, the proper functioning of our mind depends a lot on how we take care of our brain. The absorption of antioxidant and vitamins help our nervous system to work in a balanced way, giving us the possibility of maintaining a constant motivation. Component such as the catechin for relaxation or small doses of anxiolytics to lower the level of anxiety are necessary to maintain a balance of our energies, achieve an effective focus on our tasks and lead a happy life.

The Genesis of our motivation arises from our ability to lead a healthy and sustainable life. Only in this way is it possible to build a stable intrinsic motivation. Although different activities are required to maintain this balance, good nutrition should always occupy the first place in our priorities. So what nutrients does our brain need to maintain motivation? :

  • Vitamins: The most basic vitamins that we require are A, B, B6, B9, B12, C and D. These components maintain and develop our memory, concentration, mental relaxation and prevent diseases linked to the nervous system. They are found a lot in vegetables, in certain grains, fruits and meats.
  • Fats: Omega 3, Omega 6, among others. They are found in white meat and grains. This type of healthy fats, support physical performance and also improve the absorption of vitamins in the brain.
  • Probiotics: The University of California discovered the importance of having a healthy intestinal flora for the proper maintenance of our nervous system. For this reason it is recommended to eat probiotics at least once a day, since the care of our intestines and stomachs has a direct effect on our emotional control.