probiotic drinks

Probiotic Drinks

In Pranama we create different probiotic foods and drinks through natural fermentation. We have 3 lines of probiotic drinks:

  • Probiotic Iced Infusions
  • Kombucha (Probiotic Iced Tea)
  • Water-Kefir (Probiotic Artisanal Soda)

But what are probiotics? Probiotics are living good bacteria that keep our gut healthy and help to improve the performance of our digestive system. This, in turn, has a whole set of benefits in our body, mind and spirit. Probiotics may even prevent or aid with some diseases.

Our 3 lines of probiotic drinks are packed with different strains of good bacteria. They’re also full of the additional benefits that come from the different ingredients we use.

Pranama Probiotic Drinks

  1. Probiotic Iced Infusions

    Our Probiotic Iced Infusions are stimulant, restorative and invigorating. They are made by wild fermentation. Also, our infusions are created following Ayurveda knowledge. We have 7 flavors, one for each chakra (energy center) of the body. Each recipe has been carefully designed to achieve the full absorption its nutrients. We have available a Detox Program that was created following Circadian Cycles and Ayurveda. Click here for more info.

  2. Kombucha (Probiotic Iced Tea)

    A powerful, lightly effervescent probiotic drink made of black and/or green tea that is fermented using a SCOBY. Kombucha is a healthy and tasty substitute to mainstream iced tea. Drinking Kombucha in the mornings helps to wake and boost up your digestive system. You can also drink it before your meals and any time you need a bit of an energy impulse. Click here for more info.

  3. Artisanal Soda (Water-Kefir)

    Also known as ‘Tibicos’, water-kefir is a probiotic artisanal soda with a refreshing mellow flavor. It is naturally carbonated during the fermentation process. It’s made of fermented water and natural juices that fill it with beneficial bacteria combined with the vitamins and minerals of its other ingredients. It has different strains of bacteria than Kombucha and the Probiotic Iced Infusions, so it’s a great complement to them. Also, water-kefir is a tasty substitute for conventional sodas. Click here for more info.

Ingredients of Pranama probiotic drinks

probiotic drinksAll of our drinks are made with plant-based, ethically sourced ingredients. No dairy. Some ingredients come from our permaculture farm. We create with love and mindfulness, infusing each batch with the sound energy of Tibetan bowls and positive affirmations.

In Pranama probiotic drinks you’ll get nurtured with roots, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and even flowers! We have created tasty and healthy combinations that are a nutritious addition to your everyday diet.

In addition, our probiotics drinks may help with a variety of specific health wellness issues, ranging from bowel movements to emotional imbalances.

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