Where to buy Pranama

Are you wondering where to buy Pranama foods and drinks?

We take direct orders! To buy Pranama products write us an e-mail or whatsapp (+507 6525 8520) for more information. Ask about our Promo of two extra drinks for free!

where to buy

Our probiotic foods and drinks are also available in different spots of Panama City. We are currently working to increase our presence in more retail outlets for your convenience.

Thank you for supporting local producers and artisans, this helps the local economy and the planet!

You can find Pranama in:



Local farmer’s market that takes place once a month. For dates and more info see their website

Address: Panama City, Clayton, City of Knowledge, parking lot of La Plaza.

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Sattva Wellness Bar

Local healthy vegetarian restaurant, shop and holistic center

Address: Panama City, Clayton, Clayton Mall.

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mentiritas blancas

Local gourmet coffee and pastry shop

Address: Panama City, El Cangrejo, Calle Gaspar Hernández, Edificio de Mar

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