What Are Probiotics?

probioticsProbiotics are live good bacteria that keep our gut healthy and help to improve the performance of our digestive system.


Probiotics allow a good digestion. A good digestion allows us to relieve our body from the stress of processing complex foods and improves the absorption of nutrients. This has a direct impact on our immune and nervous systems, helps maintain a healthy organism, and even supports the treatment of some specific health conditions.


 Probiotics are not:

  • The new cure to everything (they support and nurture, which is different, we must take responsibility for our own health!)
  • Some mysterious capsules or powders (the best stuff doesn’t come from a lab, but from natural fermentation processes)
  • Just a recent new fad (they have been around for centuries)

Good Bacteria

There is at least the same amount of good bacteria than cells in our body. In reality, we have been consuming probiotics all our life: when we humans are born, we receive them from our mothers even before the milk (from her skin and colostrum). Also, most cultures have fermented foods (which contain probiotics) as part of their traditional diet. Many nations in the world have been consuming probiotics for centuries.

We have been accustomed to associate the word ‘bacteria’ to diseases and health difficulties. In reality, bacteria are part of this world (and of ourselves) just as much as other living beings. Yes, some bacteria are detrimental for us, but at the same time some bacteria are crucial for our health. Without microbes, life on Earth, as we know it, would have been impossible. So it is important to reassess our reaction to the word ‘bacteria’.

Why are probiotics important?

Our digestive system thrives when it has a good count and diversity of good gut bacteria. This is achieved by consuming probiotic and prebiotic food and drinks along with your regular diet. Probiotics will help you to digest better whatever food enters your body and will improve the nutrient absorption of that food, which may help to prevent or aid in the healing process of some diseases.

Probiotic Foods and Drinks

We believe that body, mind and spirit are interconnected. We also love tasty food and drinks. That’s why we are passionate about fermentation, probiotics, and their effect on our well-being. So we decided to combine these passions and create Pranama.

We create, consume and offer to you the following

Pranama probiotic drinks

Pranama probiotic foods

We learn and experiment a lot with probiotic food and drinks. We like to think about good bacteria as little living seeds of life. Seeds that nurture and support healthy body, mind and spirit.

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