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Probiotics for you at Mercado Urbano each month!

We’re back at Mercado Urbano!

Starting from March 2017 we have been selling again Pranama probiotic drinks at Mercado Urbano, a farmer’s market that takes place once each month in the City of Knowledge. Did you know that this was one of the first spots where Pranama has ever been sold? That’s why we are so happy to be back at Mercado Urbano!

Many things have changed since then. Now instead of having only six probiotic infusions, we have seven (one for each chakra or energetic center of the body). Also, our passion for fermented has made us to extend our offer of tasty and healthy probiotics, so now besides our classic infusions you’ll find probiotic drinks such as kombucha and water-kefir; and probiotic foods such as vinegars, kimchi and other pickles.

Remember that adding probiotics to your daily diet (but also don’t overdo it!) has a positive impact on your overall health, starting with your digestive system. Our natural live probiotics will help you to digest and absorb better the nutrients of your daily food. While they do that, our products will also provide you with the nutrients from their own ingredients.

Don’t miss the following Mercado Urbano! Besides Pranama, it’s also full of amazing local farmers and artisans that share the best produce and quality products. Bring cash. Also bring your family and pets! It’s a very friendly and fun place with activities for children.

Click here to find info about the dates of the future markets and more info about the producers and artisans that you’ll find there. See you in the next market!

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